Leicester Musics Company

Established in 1989, Leicester Musics Company sits as a regional music production company, providing both physical music recording distribution as well as digital copies for e-commerce platforms on a subscription base network. With over 4,700 subscribers already, Leicester Musics provides its services primarily to local bands and folk music artists needing economical recording, local entertainment, regional distribution and transfer, warehousing and digital market commerce tools. The company also maintains a vibrant market of converted musical digital products for use in commercial environments. Casinos like casumoKaramba, Superlenny, Slotwolf online casino, shopping malls, crypto companies that provide kenmerken van crypto trading and restaurants are typical clientele for these products. We can’t forget free spins website are typically also clientele of these products. Leicester Musics Company uses a both a traditional music delivery and a digital distribution model, as well as ongoing website and mobile application development for music networking. With additional contacts available through partnerships in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and India, Leicester is able via e-commerce to take what would otherwise be just regional music reach to a global level at very little operating cost for both bands and their company supporters.

The City of Leicester sits as a hidden gem in the U.K., producing a quiet but cosmopolitan urban center matched by a rural outer region, climate, and a variety of music resources. No surprise then, the City has its share of musical trends, groups, styles, nuances and history. All of these resources are then packaged in various music releases, sets, packages and digital files by Leicester Musics Company in its broad portfolio of regional music selection. Because the music from Leicester’s own artists are so unique, Leicester’s Music products in turn have a greater reach with fans and customers worldwide without any substitution or duplication from other competitive sources. Leicester also houses a few online Forex companies. One of them is Plus500 which is one of the biggest ones in the game. They offer a course about how to trade Forex. The course is for beginners and it also handles the importance of forex Charts in the industry.

The company’s main production facility sits next to its on-ground recording studio, creating a vertical chain of distribution all the way to final delivery to retail point for Leicester’s products. Matched to the production process, the company encapsulates its operations in a 220,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, entirely wired for broadband communications, and Cat5/Cat6 level data transmission for e-commerce support. In addition, Leicester Music gives back to the local community with a 6,000 square foot music learning facility, helping connect on staff and client musicians with the next generation of tomorrow’s singers, musicians, folks artists and composers. The partnership has produced a solid relationship with local schools, provide and supporting recreational facilities for local education augmented learning opportunities in music.

Leicester Musics is also not finished with growth. The company is currently planning further expansion to match its digital market growth, with support offices in London, Munich and Madrid. These three additional points will further enhance the company’s music digital reach into the global commerce market via London as well as increase its portfolio of regional products and customer appeal through new markets in Munich and Madrid. These company expansions are expected to occur in 2017 through 2020, depending on market conditions and maintaining sufficient growth momentum over the next three years.

Leicester was chosen as the heart and home of Leicester Musics Company because the City has become a growing economic hub as well as a creative center of modern independent music and musical art. Unlike some of the bigger cities in the U.K., the Leicester scene continues to be home grown and local, which gives it a unique flavor unavailable anywhere else. This music model has proven immensely successful in the Leicester region and one that Leicester Musics is aiming to repeat in its next three bases mentioned above.