Leicester Musics Company clients and customers vary as much as it’s music portfolio. Because the company’s product line is so diversified, it is able to enjoy revenue streams and business from multiple market demand drivers. A sampling of these clients gives a snapshot why Liecester Musics has become such a success over the last 25 years in operation and a growing presence in U.K. music production.

Allston’s Coastal Casino represents a perfect example of Leicester’s commercial market. The Casino utilizes Leicester’s digital music portfolio for a variety of uses. These including general environment background music, digital tone conversions for gambling machines, mood-setting environmental products for specialized rooms such as bars and card table rooms, and general independent music selections for the Casino’s nightclub. Allston continued business has been a long-term relationship with Leicester Music, updating machines and mood-setting selections with new music inserts on a seasonal basis. Further, because Allston’s clientele tend to be heavy on tourism from other regions without casinos, the visiting customers get exposed to the local music and begin to seek out the source. That in turn generates additional sales through Leicester Musics’ website and its traditional music products for retail consumers.

Eckerbee’s retail music distribution specializes in regional folk music. Eckerbee’s has been a well-known music chain retailer for decades, situation with multiple retails sites in most U.K. urban centers. It’s specialization in folks music and regional art music products has made Eckerbee the go to retailer for eclectic music products generally not available in mainstream music product stores. Leicester Musics Company and Eckerbee’s established a business partnership early on for Leicester’s retail market reach, and that relationship continues today regardless of Leicester’s global reach elsewhere. As music markets have transitioned from traditional formats to on-demand digital downloads and flexible recording delivery tools, Eckerbee has stayed at the forefront of such interests with its music selection, growing its customer base by remaining focused on niche music marketing versus trying to compete with general music sales. Leicester Musics Company expects this relationship to continue long-term into the future, maintaining Leicester’s market position in traditional music products as well as digital delivery.

Software companies like McKentek have a regular demand on sound and noise files with a musical background. McKentek takes such data digital products and incorporates them into its software products. These in turn general add an audio aspect when software users install and work with the digital product and maintain various exercises and tasks on a computer or mobile device. Adding in the sound details gives McKentek’s software products a complete user experience, often selling McKentek’s software products better and with greater volume than comparable competitor offerings. This sales revenue difference is most apparent in McKentek’s video gaming division, which is probably the biggest sub-account demand driver for Leicester Music’s digital file products.

George and Sally Henderson have been two of Leicester Music’s longest consumer customers of the company’s traditional music products. From the very beginning of the company, the local couple has loyally picked up the majority of Leicester Music’s product line of local bands and music art. No surprise, the Henderson probably have the most complete customer-owned collection of Leicester Musics’ products and releases for popular and folk art music. The couple eventually expect to turn over their music collection as a historical set to a local library in their later years, but for now they continue to peruse and add to their selections, taking full advantage of digital versions for added storage capability and selection on the go. In fact, their selection is so comprehensive, many artists have met with the Hendersons to hear their selections for inspiration on new music material. Some of the U.K.’s biggest artists have made a quiet visit for the same as well here and there.