Our History

Founded in 1988, Leicester Musics Company started out like many music producers, one band at a time and growing a miniscule product portfolio to the library of music it has to day. As a medium-sized company today getting ready to begin branching out across Europe, Leceister Musics is still rooted in its early days when it comes to its guiding principles and company goals. With early releases from local independent bands as well as folk artists, Leceister created new markets by embracing all three music channels: traditional music recording delivery through records and CDs, digital music delivery through e-commerce platforms and networks, and translation of genuine music products into digital background music portfolios.

Initial music products of the company were primarily for music fans only. However, as these markets began to solidify and develop a reliable customer following, Leicester Musics was then able to leverage its early successes into building the infrastructure to open new markets. This effort created the new opportunities in digital e-commerce libraries that provided Leicester lucrative revenue streams with very low operating costs. That in turn allowed further expansion of Leicester into its commercial and industrial product side, a music delivery system that services businesses with background music products, digital music files for product insertion, and mood-setting music products commonly used in entertainment environments like casinos and shopping malls.

While Leicester has enjoyed an immense amount of success in its commercial side, the company continues to keep a solid footing in its roots with local Leicester music and musical art. These local and regional resources have been key in producing secondary music products that cannot be found, replicated or produced anywhere else. As a result, the selection Leicester maintains gives it a default hold on the Leicester music style no other competitor is able to produce elsewhere.

Today, Leicester music employs a local staff of 137 to 145 people, almost all of whom work in the Leicester region or within short driving distance. The company has continued to market and sell Leicester generated and recorded music, as well derivatives and related merchandise to fans worldwide. Leicester artists have bonded by the generation with the company, using it as a regular stepping stone for their own musical success and careers. While Leicester Musics knows it can’t hold onto successful artists forever, its model of support has given the company a stable library of early music from these artists that can always be relied on for continued and future revenue streams. In exchange, artists have reached their higher levels of market success and returned to help share their talent with new generations as intermittent teachers in Leicester Music’s Learning Center. This give-back paradigm has not only improved music awareness and talent in the Leicester region, it has also contributed to continuous stream of new talent for future music products as well.

With expansion plans to three key points of Europe, Leicester Musics Company management is expecting to repeat its successful business model, leveraging the talent and musical capability of talent in urban London, Germany and Spain. Using the same approach, market expectations will then produce a long-term establishment of additional music generation in these locations, expanding Leicester Musics capacity, as well as its delivery of new products to its commercial market of background and product music as well.