The Things We Do Good

Leicester Musics Company strives to be one of the top regional music generators and distributors of local Leicester independent and folk music bands and producers. The company is designed to be a vertical producer, managing all parts of the music product chain from recording to final warehousing distribution and digital commerce dissemination, including licensing as well. With partnership and retail affiliations in 14 locations, including global network locations in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and India, Leicester is able to consistently produce local U.K. music and deliver it to the world as well as building digital networks with other music markets, bringing their products back to the U.K. in return.

Leicester Musics business model is not a common one. Today’s music companies are single-task focused, often partnering with three or five different other companies in getting a music product from the recording room to the retail shelf or digital e-commerce website. That, unfortunately, means that the music company producing the recording isn’t ensuring the packaging and final distribution of the product is consistent with their company values. Leicester Musics Company takes the opposite approach with a committed vertical integration. Their first-person involvement in every phase of music product creation and distribution gives Leicester a significant market control and influence on placement.

The company is also a values-driven operation. These principles and the company staff’s dedication to meeting them regularly every day is what makes Leicester stand out compared to other music generators and distributors. It’s also what makes Leicester unique to its customers who seek hard to find music products, both in physical and digital format, that are not easily available through other channels.

Leicester Music Company continually builds and rebuilds its name and reputation on the following values:

  • Respect for the individual.
  • The ability to consistently exceed client and customer expectations repeatedly and regularly.
  • Honesty, open communication, integrity, and caring for others selflessly.
  • Bringing in and retaining employees who are diverse in background and skills and who achieve personal fulfillment in careers with Leicester Musics Company.
  • Achieving our corporate goals and financial targets consistently to maintain growth.
  • Commitment to the company with an all-employee ownership perspective.
  • A willingness to innovate and take risks.
  • A general preference for cooperation in teamwork and partnering to solve challenges.
  • Commitment to give back to people in the local community and further.
  • The company’s increasing reach and market penetration only stands to increase its diversity, a resource Leicester Musics management looks to for new ideas, new paradigms, and new market opportunities. There is no “one” Leicester way. There is a multi-faceted Leicester Musics Company where the many together create something greater everyday than the sum of their parts. From the bottom to the top, this company is about music culture and producing that quality in every product and music service it delivers to clients and customers locally, regionally and worldwide. Leicester Musics’ management firmly believes its commitment to its company values has influenced and contributed to the company’s ongoing success in all of its markets. These values go hand-in-hand with customer service and client retention, both of which are seen as the keys to long-term revenue streams and support for the company’s infrastructure investments going forward.